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Real Guard for Life lifeguards talk about why they love their jobs.


More Lifeguard Testimonials

“Being a lifeguard for American Pool was the best summer job I could have asked for. The management is helpful, and they try to be as flexible as possible with vacations and trips. The pools themselves are fun to work at and I had many opportunities to work extra if I wanted to.” -Maryland Lifeguard, 2013

“American Pool is easily the best company I’ve ever worked for. The management and supervisors are all very understanding and helpful if I ever needed anything. The communication is very clear between employees, and you are never left second-guessing yourself or your superiors. A great summertime or year-round job for anyone!” -New York Lifeguard, 2013

“Lifeguarding is such a great job. Being outside at the pool and getting to know the kids and families at the pool are what makes it great. American pool is a great company to work for if you are looking to be a lifeguard. The supervisors and everyone that works there are very friendly, easy to talk to and if you have a problem, you can go directly to them without any hassle for a quick response.” -Pittsburgh Lifeguard, 2013

“This job helped me to perform and understand a wide array of skills- from chemical and health safety to dealing with difficult people. In addition to that, there is down time when no one comes or if it rains. I have met many nice people working here, and have been treated with respect by the staff and most people I have met. You should consider working for them too.” -New York Lifeguard, 2013

“It’s a fun summer job, but it’s not easy. You will be glad you did it, and it will help with career building skills and important character traits like leadership, communication, independence, team work, rule enforcement, having authority, long lasting alertness and quick, intuitive thinking.” -New Jersey Lifeguard, 2013