Prepare for your first day as a lifeguard

The question that every new lifeguard asks is, what will my first day as a lifeguard be like? Feeling confident and prepared on your first day is very important. Being ready means you can focus on your number one responsibility: keeping people safe.

What do I need to bring to my first day as a lifeguard?

Although you may think that you don’t need to bring much to your lifeguarding job, you actually do. It might help to have a specific bag that you only use for your lifeguard stuff. Here is a checklist of items you will need:

  1. Lifeguard uniform
  2. Sunglasses to block water’s glare
  3. Lifeguard whistle
  4. Sunblock
  5. Water bottle(s) to stay hydrated in the heat
  6. Snacks and/or meals
  7. A towel
  8. CPR Mask
  9. Lifeguard certifications
  10. CPR certifications
  11. Hats (optional but useful)
  12. Sweatshirt (in case there is a shift in weather like a cold front or rain)

Once you have made sure that all of those items are stowed away in your bag, you are ready to get to the pool!

So, what will my first day as a lifeguard be like?

The thought of your first day as a lifeguard may seem scary, but it shouldn’t be!

Before your first day, be sure to review your skill book or lifeguard manual to ensure that you are prepared to perform your responsibilities and respond in an emergency situation. Studying these skills consistently throughout the summer will keep you vigilant.

During your shift, you will need to sit on your lifeguard chair with the guard tube across your lap and the tube strap around your body. In the chair, you will need to constantly scan the water, making sure that all of the patrons are behaving in a safe manner. Be prepared to blow your whistle, take authority and firmly, but respectfully, correct any unsafe actions. Consciously sit in a position that will help you stay alert and focused.

Aside from your lifeguard duties, you need to stay hydrated! Make sure that you are constantly drinking large amounts of water or else you will dehydrate and feel sick.  Also, be sure to eat. Even though you are just sitting, the summer heat really takes a toll on your body after numerous hours – food will help to restore your energy.

In the end, your first day as a lifeguard will be a great new experience if you are well prepared. To ensure a successful day, make sure to pack your bag correctly, constantly watch patrons for safe behavior, take control of dangerous situations and stay hydrated!

Lifeguarding is an extremely fun and rewarding job. By being prepared and ready for work, you will ensure a great summer as a lifeguard.

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