About Us

The Guard For Life Mission

Build a lifeguard culture that encourages safety, develops workplace confidence and empowers a young workforce.

Guard For Life is a one-of-a-kind recruiting program from American Pool. With over 6,500 participants, our goals are to build an exciting lifeguard culture based on empowerment, and have fun while doing it! We provide a friendly work environment where you can develop skills, gain professional confidence and even advance into an aquatics career.

Program Overview

We hire and match lifeguards with lifeguard jobs in local communities. There are pools down the street, in your city or where you go to school. Throughout your employment, we provide online scheduling, on-time payment and supervision.

Our lifeguard training is offered through Ellis & Associates, a world leader in aquatic safety and lifeguard certification training.

Through Guard For Life, you can get a job for the summer, make friends, win prizes and be a part of a larger community of lifeguards.

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