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Returning Lifeguards

As a returning lifeguard, you have worked for a Guard for Life company before. Nice! We are super pumped that you want to work for us again. Here is some info that will help you consider your next move:

Apply online

Use our online form to re-apply to your office of choice. The earlier you apply, the more likely you can get the pool that you want.

Apply Now


There may be some rehire events happening at your office. Check out their webpage to register online for an event near you.

Find an Event


We have ways for you to advance into higher positions. You can apply to positions like Supervisor or Pool Manager.

Find a job

Are your certs going to expire?

Make sure you know if your certifications are going to expire before the season starts. A review class will be much less time and money than a regular lifeguard training class. Different lifeguards might have to renew at different times, so make sure you know the requirements for your area.