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Prepared lifeguard

Be ready

Being ready means you have the skills and mindset to become a lifeguard. You should be responsible, punctual and know how to swim. You’ll feel proud of yourself for trying something new and earning $$.


Lifeguard training

Get Trained

Training can be done any number of ways depending on where you live. American Pool is an authorized training partner of Ellis & Associates. Many locations even offer employee discounts.


Work as a lifeguard

Start Work

Once you’ve worked with us to get your training done, we can place you at a local pool. Don’t worry, you can still apply before receiving training. We will ensure you register for the right training.



Who can become a lifeguard?

Anyone over the age of 15 may apply (or 16 in NY). From teens to teachers, being a lifeguard is the best summer job.

Why lifeguard?

Great pay, great locations and a flexible schedule. It beats staying inside all summer and you can make lifelong friends.

What do I tell my parents?

Lifeguarding is a great first job and career builder! Here are the top 5 things to tell your parents:

  1. It’s a great resume/college application builder
  2. I will develop my work ethic along with my customer service and teamwork skills
  3. I can work around my school schedule
  4. There are pools near home
  5. I can start a career in aquatics (The American Pool CEO started as a lifeguard!)