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New Lifeguards

Brand New Lifeguards

Thinking about becoming a lifeguard?

As your friends might have told you, being a lifeguard is a really awesome summer job. You get to work outside and you learn some amazing life saving skills.

We have a lot of info on becoming a lifeguard, so direct message us on the Guard for Life Facebook page if you have any questions.

Become a lifeguard

New to Guard for Life

Are you a lifeguard that’s new to Guard for Life?

Glad you’re checking us out! We have some great locations, incentives and employment opportunities. If you are an experienced lifeguard, you can grow into jobs like head lifeguard or pool manager.

Guard for Life provides the support that you’ve been missing from online scheduling to prize giveaways.

How to apply

Current Guard Testimonials

Hear from current guards about why they love working for Guard for Life.


How do I get certified as a lifeguard?

One of the biggest steps to becoming a lifeguard is getting certified. There are training courses offered throughout the year. Make sure you check your location’s upcoming training events for specific dates and times.