Gear up for lifeguard season

Spring has finally sprung and the warmer weather can only mean one thing—lifeguard season is right around the corner! Before you track down your whistle and pull on your uniform, follow these steps to prepare for resuming your lifeguard position.

Connect with your employer. Is your old position still available? Reach out to your employer with the dates and times you’ll be able to work, or start searching for a new location who is hiring lifeguards. Guard For Life has a bunch of resources that will help you find the right fit!

Practice your skills. As a lifeguard, you should be confident in your swimming ability. However, it’s still a good idea to practice your skills before you hop back in the chair. Interval training or drills, either solo or with some of your lifeguard buddies, will help you get into your best shape by the time you’re back to work.

Review the manual. Just like you should prepare for the physical demands of lifeguarding, you should also study up on the material in your lifeguarding manual to be best prepared for your first day of work. Reviewing this information as often as possible will help you be ready in case of an emergency on the job.

Get recertified. The American Red Cross certificates for CPR/AED training for lifeguards expire after two years. It’s very important to ensure your certifications are up-to-date before you can serve as a lifeguard. If your certification has expired, attend a training course in your area. For some Red Cross courses, you may be able to take a review course to renew your certification. To be eligible for a review course, your certification cannot have been expired for more than twelve months prior to the course. Because of changes made in the last year, you’ll also need to retake the OSHA Chemical Handling and Bloodborne Pathogens training course if you’re required to handle pool chemicals. The Bloodborne Pathogens training is required annually, as well, so be sure to register for a course through Guard For Life.

Once you’ve checked off all the steps above, the only things left to do are stock up on sunscreen and get pumped for another great summer of lifeguarding!

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