Why Batman and Robin would be great at Lifeguard Rotations

It has nothing to do with the bat mobile and it’s not because drowning victims conveniently shine bat symbols into the sky. It’s because Batman and Robin are a team, which is necessary for lifeguard rotations.

This dynamic duo works like a well oiled machine and that’s exactly how lifeguard rotations should be. Don’t get confused by the “I” in lifeguard because teamwork is an essential aspect of maintaining a safe pool. While lifeguards are getting in and out the chair it’s important that they look out for each other… literally.

The relief lifeguard should scan the area as they approach. Most importantly the incoming guard needs to continue to scan as the outgoing guard climbs down from the stand. Also, the outgoing lifeguard needs to scan the area as the incoming lifeguard climbs up. This way the pool is never unattended.

If Gotham City were a giant pool, Robin would vigilantly scan until Batman came down, and you know Batman wouldn’t leave Robin hanging as he climbed up.

It’s also important that the two guards communicate. The outgoing guard should inform the incoming guard of any potential hazards. For example, Batman might tell Robin, “Please keep an eye on Bane because he’s not a strong swimmer” or “Be aware that Catwoman is standing close to the edge and doesn’t know how to swim.”

Watch this video to understand the importance of teamwork and to understand the proper protocol for lifeguard rotations.


Effective Lifeguard Rotations (video by TheRedwoodsGroup):

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