Lifeguards need to tell their Cell Phones, “I’ve got one less problem without ya”

In the words of Ariana Grande, keeping your eyes and hands off of your phone while lifeguarding gives you, “One less, one less problem.” We all know that it’s dangerous to text and drive, but it’s important to remember that texting while guarding puts other people in danger.
Lifeguards should never let themselves be distracted while guarding. While patrons can sometimes be distracting, especially a league of marco polo players, cell phones are always a distraction. It’s important to remember how quickly and quietly someone can drown. Lifeguards using cell phones are not paying attention and have their heads down, the opposite of everything they are trained to do!

As if it wasn’t terrible enough that texting while guarding is dangerous for patrons, you are also putting your poor and defenseless cell phone at risk. You’re a lifeguard, getting wet is part of the job description. Cell phones have tons of capabilities, but swimming is not one of them. Water can destroy the precious phone that you waited forever for until it was finally released. A friend could push you in the pool after work, a sudden storm could drench you, and your phone could fall out of your pocket as you test the pool. The bottom line is that using your cell phone while lifeguarding is dangerous for everyone.

So remember to take Iggy Azalea’s approach in “Problem” and tell your phone;

“In no time I’ll be forgettin’ all about you
You sayin’ that you know
But I really really doubt you
Understand my life is easy
When I ain’t around you.”

Watch the video below for information about how lifeguards can avoid texting while guarding and the dangers cell phones can cause.


Lifeguard Commandments: No Texting While Lifeguarding (video by West Bend Mutual Insurance Company):

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