It’s Not Too Late to Land a Summer Lifeguarding Job

Not Too Late to Lifeguard

It's Not Too Late to Land a Summer Lifeguarding JobSummer always flies by, blink and it’s too late to make good on the plans you made earlier this year. Well, it’s not too late for everything: Even with summer coming to a close, you can still land a job lifeguarding that allows you to make some extra money, gain some good experience, and soak up the late-summer sun (plus: secure plans for the fall). Here’s what you need to know to make it happen:

1. You can apply and complete training any time of year.
How do you become a lifeguard? For starters, you can come into one of our American Pool offices and do the application process and interview in the same day. If you haven’t already, you’ll also need to complete your lifeguard training, but if you have a flexible schedule, you can typically do an accelerated course over of a few weekends. That’s all you have to do to be ready to be placed at a local pool and start lifeguarding. Pretty easy, right?

2. Pools are still hiring.
Pools are always looking for new lifeguards, and just because other popular seasonal jobs are already filled doesn’t mean your local pool isn’t hiring. Plus, when you apply through American Pool’s Guard for Life website, we match you with a pool that is looking for new lifeguards. Our extensive job listings can increase your chances of finding an open position in or close to your community

3. There’s still plenty of time to make some extra money.
Whether you were on vacation in the beginning of the summer or had to take summer classes, you still have some precious weeks left to make extra money and get valuable job experience for your resume. Plus, if you have other commitments you need to work around, lifeguarding offers a flexible schedule that makes it possible to fit in other priorities.

4. You’ll be ready to start right away next summer.
Once you’ve done your training, it’s easy to get recertified and takes much less time. You’ll be able to jump right back in and start lifeguarding in the beginning of the summer next year. Won’t it feel great knowing you have a steady summer job to come back to?

So are you ready to make the most of your summer and become a lifeguard? Lifeguarding with American Pool is a great summer job that helps you build skills that will last a lifetime — all while having fun and making friends by the pool. Get started today.

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