What Kind of Pool Job is Right for You?

What Kind of Pool Job is Right for You

Find the Perfect Summer Job.

If you’re interested in working at a pool this school year or even next summer, it’s important to know that lifeguarding is just one of many potential job options.

From entry-level positions to ones that build upon your years of lifeguard experience, there are a variety of jobs available at most pools in your area, including some jobs at indoor pools that are great for the off-season. Here’s a rundown of jobs you’ll typically find.

Gate Guard
Being a gate guard is a good way to get you start working for your local pool, especially if you’re not old enough to lifeguard. As a gate guard, you monitor the main entrance of the pool, collect fees and check passes. A gate guard does not necessarily need to go through certification and training like a lifeguard does, so you won’t need any up-front time commitment.

A certified lifeguard is responsible for maintaining a safe swimming environment. Lifeguards enforce rules and make sure the pool and facility are safe, among other responsibilities. It’s a resume builder with flexible hours, making it a perfect fit for high school and college students, as well as adults. Once you have a couple summers of lifeguarding experience under your belt, you’ll also be able to move up to positions with more responsibility at the pool. If you want to lifeguard all year long, and not just over the summer, consider a job at an indoor pool.

Swim Instructor
A swim instructor can work at both indoor and outdoor pools teaching lessons to swimmers of all ages. Swim instructors are typically required to have lifeguard and CPR certifications, but may have more flexible schedules. You may also be able to teach swim lessons in addition to your lifeguard shifts.

Pool Manager/Assistant Manager
A pool manager supervises the staff and is ultimately responsible for maintaining a safe environment at the pool. A pool manager also makes sure the pool has the right level of chemicals, keeps records, and does staff evaluations, among other duties. Being a manager requires a minimum of two years of lifeguarding or relevant experience, so it’s a great goal to work toward after you’ve gotten a few summers under your belt and feel ready for more responsibility.

A supervisor is responsible for overseeing operations and personnel at about 10 to 12 pools in your area. Supervisors also jump in wherever needed, whether that means getting on the lifeguard stand, checking chemical levels, doing lifeguard orientations, or other things. Being a supervisor is a full-time job, although it can be seasonal, making it a good option for college students as well as graduates. If you are interested in a supervisor position for 2016, now is the time to let your local staffer know.

Whether you’re looking for part-time, full-time, seasonal, or flexible work, there are a variety of opportunities waiting for you at your local pool. To find a summer job at a community pool near you, visit our Find A Job page.

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