This Fall and Winter, Take Your Lifeguard Skills to an Indoor Pool

Indoor Pool

Just because your outdoor pool has closed for the summer season doesn’t mean you don’t have job opportunities until the spring. Now is the time to put this summer’s worth of hard work and experience to use at an indoor pool instead. You won’t be able to maintain that sweet tan you picked up over the summer, but don’t let that deter you. Lifeguarding at an indoor pool is a great way to work over the winter while applying the skills you built over the summer.

Where to look
There’s a good chance that your local athletic clubs have both outdoor and indoor pools, so if you’re working at one of these clubs, you may be able to make an easy transition. Your local high school, community colleges, universities, and community centers may also have indoor pools looking for guards.

Familiar skills
At the end of the day, it’s still a pool. You’ll need to use your proper scanning practices and show up to work ready to be attentive and focused. You’ll also need to maintain proper chemical balances and ensure the pool deck is safe, so you’ll be drawing on the same skills you learned as an outdoor lifeguard.

Different challenges
Lifeguarding indoors does present its own challenges. Outdoors, the sun usually aids in keeping the deck dry; inside, you’ll need to work harder to make sure the deck isn’t slippery and hazardous. It’s more important than ever to warn kids against running when around the pool. Of course, you won’t be spending quite as much of your day watching kids play; you’ll need to devote more energy to setting up the pool for swimming lessons or swim team practice, or watching adults swim laps. With different client needs, you may need to adapt your customer service and communication skills.

Same benefits
Working as a lifeguard at an indoor pool this season offers the same perks as lifeguarding at your outdoor pool—flexible hours, part- or full-time work, and opportunities to get strengthen different skills, such as teaching swimming lessons. So if you need to continue working during the school year, picking up some shifts at an indoor pool can be a great way to earn money while maintaining and building your skill set.

Ready to get started? Using your same American Pool connections, we can help place you at an indoor pool hiring for the winter season. Staying in contact with your local American Pool office will also help recruiters keep you at the front of their minds when next summer’s opportunities come around. To find jobs near you or to find out more about how to become a lifeguard, visit American Pool’s Guard for Life.

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