Take Your Lifeguard Skills to School

Take Your Lifeguard Skills to SchoolYep, It’s officially October. It’s time for hayrides, apple cider, and all things pumpkin, but it’s also the time of the year when school kicks into high gear. We know how you feel about school: you can’t live with it, can’t live without. Yes, you’re a smart cookie. You know all too well how difficult it can be to balance work, school, and your social life. Frankly, it’s downright exhausting!

But don’t worry, if you need an extra little boost to set you on track as the next great time management wizard or organization savant, Guard For Life is here to help. Use your lifeguard skills to stay on top of studying, manage your time, and reduce stress!

Scan. Scan. Scan.

You’ve heard this mantra so many times you’re ready to scream, but it doesn’t only help you save lives on the job, it helps you keep your eye out for the things ahead. Take the time each week to scan for upcoming assignments, events, and activities you might want to participate in. Then take the time to add it to your calendar, either on your phone or in your agenda. Knowing what to expect by constantly looking for new things to pop up will help you avoid surprises and keep stress levels low.

Be ready!

So you have everything scheduled in your calendar, now what? Don’t let that overflowing agenda overwhelm you. Nothing is set in stone; be flexible, be ready. Now it’s your chance to organize your schedule to meet your needs. Pen in hard deadlines like school projects, and pencil in hangouts with friends (they’ll understand, they’ll probably need you to return the favor one day). Move your schedule around until you are happy. And if something comes up don’t stress. Use this general rule: If you have to squeeze it in, just say no.  


The secret to effective time management? Don’t keep your activities close to the belt. Utilize those communication skills you’ve gained during training! Tell the people close to you what you’ve planned. If your friends and family are aware of what’s on your plate, they’ll take extra precautions not to overwhelm you.

Take a break.

Just like being on lifeguard duty, break time is necessary to re-energize and re-focus. Don’t get caught up in all of your activities without taking time for yourself. Always remember your happiness and care are top priorities. Take this time to catch up on your favorite show, read a book, listen to music…etc. It’s up to you!

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