Staying in Shape During the Off-Season

Staying In Shape During the Off Season

So, you want to be a lifeguard? That’s great! You’ll get to spend your summer by the pool, and gain those leadership skills everyone talks about. Can you say “best summer ever?” But before you can embark on this awesome journey, you first have to make sure you’re prepared for what’s ahead.

In many ways being a lifeguard is like playing a sport. Any student athlete — whether a rookie or old pro– knows practice doesn’t stop when the season ends. Year-round, athletes continue to train developing on the skill set required to be the best at their sport. This also goes for lifeguards. Lucky for you, Guard For Life has a few ways for you to stay in fighting shape when it comes to jumping back into the pool come summer.

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Cross Training

Perfect for building strength and flexibility — cross training refers to combining exercises of various disciplines. This can involve any series of exercises. If you’re looking for an easy no hassle way to stay in shape throughout the fall and winter, cross training is key. CrossFit isn’t the only option here. So if you like swimming but don’t like running, give your favorite sport a try. Join the basketball team, soccer club, or make those Ultimate Frisbee games with friends a weekly thing. Mix it up!


Maintaining proper breathing techniques while swimming is vital to passing the swim test in order to become a certified lifeguard. Avoid feeling winded. Learn to time your breathing with your swim stroke by practicing yoga. Yoga will help you adjust to the irregular pattern, making the 300 yard swim a breeze. Take a look at some of our favorite yoga positions and techniques:

Breathing For Swimmers – Yoga Journal

Yoga For Swimmers – Speedo Australia

Good Morning Yoga Sequence – MindBodyGreen

Become an Indoor Lifeguard

The best way to stay in shape during the off-season is to put your lifeguard skills to work during the off-season. Nothing beats on-the-job training. Lifeguarding this fall and winter will not only give you extra cash in time for the holidays, but make you a better lifeguard.  If the weather doesn’t permit outdoor lifeguarding in your area, look for a local  indoor position.

Whether you’re a returning lifeguard or interested in getting your first time certification, putting in work during the off-season will help you keep your cool during recruitment.

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