3 Ways to Keep Your New Year Resolutions

Keeping New Years Resolutions

Keeping New Years Resolutions

With each New Year, comes a new promise to do better. To do better in school. Be a better friend. To be a better dancer, athlete, lifeguard. It’s human nature. We all want to strive to be our best. Guard For Life wants to help you be a better you with our 3 ways to keep your New Year resolutions. Unlike all the years before it, 2016 is your year to achieve everything on your list.

Make it Attainable

Always wonder why you could never get past day three of your resolutions for a new you? 9 times out of 10 it’s because you’re setting a bar so high it would be impossible to reach. Think about why you’ve chosen your list of resolutions. What is the overall outcome of reaching each goal. To become more healthy, be a better cook, or have more discipline? Once you understand your true goal for the year. Pick mini goals that will help you eventual attain it. So say you do want to be more healthy. Make a resolution to try a new food like koji or fruit and veggie smoothie each week instead of pressuring yourself to change the way you eat all at once.

Hit the Reset Button

Don’t be to hard on yourself. Everyone slips up every now and then. In times like this we like to turn to our favorite superhero…Batman. To paraphrase Thomas Wayne, “Why do we fall?… So we can learn to pick ourselves up?”. It’s melodramatic we know. Bu,t it gets to the point. We all fail and we all learn from it. So if you can’t make it past day three on the first try. Reset the clock and this time make it your goal to get to day four.

See it and Believe it

The same rule that applies to Santa Claus, doesn’t apply here. Seeing is believing. Make your resolutions visible. Take a screen shot of your list and set it as your phone’s screen saver. Post a color coded list on your bedroom wall. Post a sticky note on your laptop, so whenever you’re about to get sucked into the endless cycle of the internet. Your list is there to remind you, you have things to do.   

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Whatever your New Year resolution is for 2016, #NewYearNewYou can be achieved by following our three rules for success.

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