What Makes You a Great Lifeguard?

Everyone knows that lifeguards are our water saviors, watching our families and friends as we relax and enjoy ourselves knowing that our safety is their top priority — but is that all that lifeguards do?


No way!

It takes a strong spirit and an intelligent mind to become a lifeguard. They spend hours in the sun, tend to emergency situations, deal with a variety of guests, pass physical tests, keep balance of the pool’s water, and so much more. Let’s take a look at some traits we think make up a great lifeguard.

Love the Water:

Do you love the water, and all the swimming and activities that come with it? If so, we’ve found your true calling. You’ll make a great lifeguard. Though lifeguards spend a majority of their time scanning their station and making sure that all rules and regulations are being followed, they still have extensive use of the pool they take care of. This means that before or after a shift, lifeguards can exercise or just enjoy their time in the water.


A Social Butterfly:

Do you always find yourself chatting any chance you get? A great lifeguard knows how to interact well with others, especially while handling large groups of people. As a lifeguard you will come across all walks of life while at work, which means you’ll have to learn many ways to communicate. Someone who is already a “social butterfly” will be a natural working as a lifeguard.


The Happy Helper:

Are you always jumping from your seat to open a door for someone, or help a friend carry their books to class? Many great lifeguards identify as the “happy helper.” It may seem that there are not many emergency situations that happen at pools, but regardless of frequency, lifeguards are trained to be watchful in an effort to prevent or assist in any emergency that happens. If a lifeguard sees a guest struggling with a chair or a malfunctioning piece of equipment, it is his or her duty to jump into action and fix whatever the problem may be.


The Team Captain:

Does the coach always pick you to lead the team? Every lifeguard becomes a member of a team when they are hired, and that team becomes their “work family.” As a team, lifeguards will work to help each other, the customers, and the company they work for. A great lifeguard knows how to grab the reins when needed, leading and helping his or her teammates through tough situations or everyday work. It is also important to know when you should pass the reins off to another team member, understanding that everyone on the team has a different role to play. Someone who lives life as a “team captain” will do great things as part of a lifeguard team.


Sturdy & Reliable:

Do you always arrive 10 minutes early to every appointment? A great lifeguard always comes to work on time, never bailing at the last minute. Every pool has a certain number of lifeguards needed to keep guests safe and everything functioning properly. An understaffed pool is not safe, and a reliable team of lifeguards will prevent that from ever happening. If your friends see you as the “sturdy & reliable” one of the group, there is a team of lifeguards somewhere eager to sign you up!


If you embody any one of these traits, we’re sure you’ll make a great lifeguard. Click over to our contact page and apply today! Summer lifeguard jobs are opening up all over the country and training classes are becoming available.

Don’t waste your talents elsewhere — enjoy your next summer outside, working hard and earning cash!

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