Need a Break? Pack Your Bags!

Everyone has a busy schedule, and it can be hard to plan fun getaways while trying to keep up with the everyday routine. Taking an impromptu trip is good for the soul, giving you time off from the stresses of work and creating new, spontaneous opportunities to have fun. The year has just started (spring break anyone?) and we know you have some vacations in mind! There are a few ways to make taking an impromptu trip easier. We discussed some of the options and created a quick tip guide for those spur of the moment decisions.

Be Cheap:

There’s no mistaking that vacations get can expensive — really expensive, especially if you want all the bells and whistles. That doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to lower expenses on a vacation. Keep your eye out for specials on different locations, certain flights to places like Iceland and The Caribbean can be much cheaper than other countries if you do your research. Don’t hesitate to buy those super cheap tickets that fly out tomorrow — and remember to use your browser’s “incognito” mode when searching for flights so the airlines can’t track your searches and up the prices. Europe’s train system provides tickets you can buy for a set amount of countries or places to visit, which can take you to various different areas in Europe for far less than flying to each individual place. Get a chance to visit smaller towns and fun unique spots!

Go Somewhere New:

Everyone has their tried and true vacation spots. Whether it is a tropical island with memories from childhood, or a bustling city with museums and sightseeing galore, these spots are a comforting norm for us when we think of where to go on our next vacation. We’re telling you to think outside the box, to take a chance on something new!
Taking an impromptu vacation will be more exciting with the added feeling of exploring a new place. Take advice from friends and family who may have been there, but make sure you leave yourself some room for spur of the moment activities. Not every website or friend knows everything about a certain place, sometimes you have to visit there first before you can book or learn about specific activities.

Road Trip Style:

Planes are fast and and flashy, but cars can be a simpler option for an impromptu trip. Bring a few friends along and split the gas prices, you can even find camping spots along the way to park your car and enjoy sleeping under the stars. This way, you won’t have to plan far ahead and book hotel rooms or other places that need reservations. Find what’s open along the way! Having a car gives you more freedom when you reach your vacation destination. Instead of waiting for buses or spending cash on cabs, you can drive anywhere you want! Be careful of parking, however, and plan ahead to make sure you won’t be receiving tickets or getting towed on vacation.

Be Flexible:

Sometimes plans don’t work out as we had hoped, and this can most definitely occur on vacation — the worst time! Remember that being flexible can help ease stress and prevent vacation meltdowns. When planning your trip, scope out the nearby housing options. Don’t discount using someone else’s home (, a hostel, bed and breakfasts, or even campsites. All of these are legitimate options that have become more popular over the years, with many people preferring the option of a home with a kitchen and other amenities, versus the typical hotel spread. If you can be flexible with your travel dates you may be able to find a great deal on transportation. Companies like WWOOF and World Packers provide work opportunities for travelers all around the world. This can help you save money on living expenses (like rooms, food, and even laundry) but you have to be flexible enough to work around 20 hours a week on your vacation and live on-site. United Work and Travel has different programs that provide job opportunities for international students looking to travel and work in the US during their summer vacation. Do a little research, and we’re certain you can find an impromptu deal that will you get out of your routine and on the road.

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