Now Hiring: Mermaids?

Always dreamed of living under the sea alongside Ariel? Well, we can’t make that happen… but unique swim schools opening around the world can give you the next best thing — mermaid lessons!

The use of a monofin — a “swim fin” with both feet strapped in together — has become an increasingly popular activity, drawing in a curious public for lessons, birthday parties, and more. All over the the world we’ve seen swim schools emerge that specialize in teaching “mermaiding,” a term used to describe the dolphin kick used by swimmers with mermaid tails. It’s a fun activity not short on imagination! Swimmers are encouraged to embrace their creativity by dreaming up their own backstory complete with a new mermaid name. Donned with a sparkly colorful tail, it’s easy to see the appeal of the new mermaid trend.

Like with any physical activity, mermaiding takes practice. Many of those who participate in mermaid classes say the tails can get very heavy, especially those made of silicone. Susan Greenwood of The Guardian describes it as like a “small child holding onto your legs” while you attempt a dolphin kick in water. That can make for some serious exercise! Moon Mermaid of Mermaid University talks about the health benefits, self-confidence, and water safety advantages learning to become a mermaid has. While there may be some criticism about how safe using a monofin mermaid tail is, teachers say that with proper instruction and practice, mermaiding can become second nature for many swimmers and pose no extra risk than swimming regularly. It is always recommended that you seek out a professional mermaid to guide you in learning how to swim under the sea.

Those ready to step in Ariel’s shoes (ahem, fins) have a growing number of options to choose from. When it comes to mermaid lessons, there are summer camps, multi-day retreats, and daily classes to get your fins wet.

The AquaMermaid School has multiple facilities located in the U.S. and Canada that hold mermaid classes of various levels.
Mermaid University is a swim school that provides lessons and camps for mermaiding, and has a cast of professional mermaids well-equipped to give your next birthday party an extra dose of excitement.
Mermaid Cove provides group and private mermaid lessons for children and adults of all ages, and teaches year-round. If you cannot find a mermaid class near you, just be patient one may pop up soon!

There are various options available if you wish to purchase your own mermaid tail. The AquaMermaid Store has basic mermaid tails for $100, fitted with a real sports monofin and a side zipper for easy access. Not a big price to pay to become a sea princess. I wonder what the exchange rate is for sand dollars?


[Our featured image belongs to Moon Mermaid of Mermaid University]

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