Lifeguard Appreciation Week 2017

Each summer our guards spend long hours working in the sun protecting swimmers at the local pool. It’s no easy feat, but summer could not go on without them! We know that our guards deserve recognition, and we decided to give them a whole week of it!

Lifeguard Appreciation Week is a week long series of events we host each year from July 23 to July 29 where each of our offices hold parties, provide refreshments, activities, and other fun things for our guards to do. We love using this time as a way to thank our guards for being the awesome employees they are!



Many lifeguards are working at same pool most of the season, so the opportunity to spend time and get to know staff assigned to other pools in the area is an important part of building our culture. Senior management also has the opportunity to spend time with the front line team and get to know our rising stars!

For the whole week our guards will feel the love from the entire American Pool family, including raffles and giveaway prizes to go along with free ice-cream, bowling parties, lifeguard olympics, and more!

Head on over to our contact page to see your local office’s events, stay tuned for any emails or announcements on social media as well!

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