Lifeguard FAQs

The busy summer season means you, our lifeguards, are working hard every day keeping our communities safe. Do you sometimes struggle with impatient patrons, or notice coworkers not performing their job correctly? For many guards, issues can arise within the season that they need help solving. We’ve compiled a few common lifeguard FAQ’s to help our guards during the season. Please feel free to message us with your questions, and we’ll make sure we answer and share so everyone can see.

How do I handle a patron who does not take me seriously because of my age?

It can be tough as a young lifeguard to hold authority over older patrons, or patrons who believe your age may affect your responsibility. The truth is as the lifeguard, you are the manager of the pool. We aim for our training to prepare lifeguards, regardless of age, to be responsible and enforce all rules and requirements while at the pool. One way to diffuse patrons who may be upset with your attempt to correct their behavior or actions, is to let them know that their safety is your top priority. Make sure they know that nothing is ever personal, which means you handle and speak to all of your patrons the same way regardless of their relationship to you, especially if it is a friend. It’s also important to always remain calm and professional, work with a smile, happiness can be contagious!

I’m having trouble staying focused on the stand, what can I do to help?

Having great focus and scanning strategy on the stand is foundational to a good lifeguard. It can seem daunting at times, especially in high heat and a busy day, but it is crucial that you maintain focus at all times. Here is a short video and blog that details ways to stay focused and ready for action at all times on the stands. Remember that staying hydrated, getting good sleep, and eliminating distractions are the three big ways to help you stay on top of your game.

I’ve noticed one of my co-workers on their phone on the stand, what should I do?

Using a cellphone during your shift is a huge no-no. The safety of pool patrons relies on our guards vigilant attention. If you believe that one of your co-workers is not performing their job correctly, bring it to the attention of your supervisor or head lifeguard. If you believe that the distracted lifeguard is posing a threat to the safety of patrons in the facility, please feel free to speak up to them yourself. You can say something along the lines of, “Excuse me, not to be a pain, but I think your phone may be distracting you from monitoring the safety of patrons and us lifeguards as well.” If you are uncomfortable speaking with the lifeguard yourself, we are positive that your supervisor or head lifeguard will handle the situation appropriately.

I’m always hungry on the stand, what kind of snacks should I bring?

Hunger can be a real problem during a long lifeguard shift. Everybody needs to eat, especially to keep their energy up! Always eat a good protein packed meal before you head to your shift. Bring snacks in case you need a boost while you are on a break. We recommend small items like nuts, fruits, and health bars. These can help give you that extra energy to get back up on the stand after your break.

Being a lifeguard can sometimes be tough, but it is super rewarding. Please reach out to us, your supervisor, or head lifeguard if you have a more urgent question you want answered, we are here to help!

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