Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey has been an absolutely devastating storm for the Texas and Louisiana area. Thousands have been displaced from their homes and some have even lost their lives. There are no words for the horrors those in Texas and Louisiana are living through right now. Our own operation in Houston has been affected by Harvey as many families and businesses down there have. Sadly, two of our full-time staff members have lost their homes, and we cannot imagine the pain they and the others in the area are going through having lost all that you work so hard for.

Our hearts are with all those who have been affected, and here at American Pool we want to step up with our own effort to provide life-saving and rebuilding support to those in need.

We have connected our GoFundMe to the Greater Houston Community Foundation that the Mayor of Houston put on his website as the recommended place for donations. We believe that even the smallest donation can help, and all of us at American Pool want to provide whatever we individually can to those suffering from the storm. This fund gives our employees and those in the American Pool family a place to donate and support the Houston area. We ask that you give what you can. It’s hard to imagine if it’s not happening to you, but this kind of tragedy can happen to anyone. This time it has affected our work family and friends at our Houston office, and they need our help to recover. The struggle is all of ours.

Give what you can – $1, $5 or $10 can make a huge difference!
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