The Solar Eclipse: How to Enjoy it Safely


It’s been all over the news and today it’s finally happening! The United States will be treated to a Total Solar Eclipse coast to coast. While this is sure to be a truly amazing experience, there is one important tip you should follow before getting your glance at the phenomenon:

Resist the urge to look directly at the Sun.
Without proper protective gear DO NOT look at the sun today.


The only way to look directly at the sun before and after solar totality is with a special solar filter, such as eclipse glasses or a DIY handheld solar viewer. Goggles, poor quality homemade filters, or sunglasses (even very dark ones) will not protect your eyes. This is also true with cameras, smartphones, telescopes, or any other optical devices. You’ll need to add a certified solar filter to these devices to safely look at the sun.

Eclipse glasses and handheld solar viewers are inexpensive and can be purchased from many retailers. However, not all meet the required ISO 12312-2 international safety standards – make sure yours do! Even if your eclipse glasses meet the safety standards, don’t use them if:

  • The lenses are scratched.
  • The lenses are wrinkled.
  • They are older than three years.

Learn More
For more information click here to read the official NASA flyer for Solar Eclipse Safety. Visit to read more about the 2017 Solar Eclipse.

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