Top 5 Lifeguard Costumes

While summer will always be our favorite, we have to admit that Halloween is one of the BEST holidays! As you gear up to have a spook-tastic Halloween, take a look at our top 5 lifeguard costumes — perfect for parties with friends or collecting all of the candy.. We’ve made it easy for you to recreate with purchase links and instructions on how to make one of your own. Are you ready to save any party that comes your way?

Lifeguard Steve

The classic! Looking good and rescue ready. Time to pop your collar and make your halloween night safer with this classic lifeguard costume.








Lifeguard Stacey

Another classic! Keep your friends safe and the party hoppin’ with this simple but fun ensemble.









Lifeguard Rusty

A costume doesn’t HAVE to be a costume, amiright? Dress your dog up in a lifeguard life vest that can be used to keep your pet safe while in the water too!







Lifeguard “Buff” Jimmy

His name is Jimmy, but everyone calls him “Buff” for obvious reasons. Impress your friends and confuse your mom with this jacked lifeguard costume!









Left Shark

He will always be top 5 in our hearts. And it’s a great costume to pair with one of the lifeguards above, grab your partner or BFF and have a blast!

Don’t be a fish out of water at this year’s Halloween bash — get creative with your costume, have fun and be safe!

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