Thanksgiving Food Drive 2017

The sweet smell of pumpkin pie brings many of us back to the delicious traditions of family gatherings. Thanksgiving is a time to remember how thankful we are for what we have, and celebrating that joy with family.

Unfortunately, not every family is able to have the large feast many of us have been lucky to enjoy. For some, a general meal, regardless of the holiday, is hard to come by. While we remind ourselves this month how thankful we are to have all that we do, let’s use that time to give back.

The American Pool family is showing thanks this holiday by giving back to our communities. To any family struggling to put food on the table, we want to be there to help.

All of our offices will have collection bins available for anyone to drop off non-perishable canned goods to be donated to the local charity that office has partnered with this year. Each office is supporting their own local community in the hopes that American Pool can use its variety of locations to support thousands of families in many neighborhoods across the country. Start (or continue) a tradition with your family this year — helping families celebrate Thanksgiving with the smell of pumpkin pie.

This year, employees at our Pennsylvania and New Jersey offices turned in scrap metal and pumps for cash and ended up buying an extra 300 cans for our donation! What a smart idea, team!

Keep your eye out for social posts and emails regarding each office’s food drive details — look below to learn more about some of the amazing charities we’ve partnered with this year.

New York – People to People

People to People is Rockland County’s largest food pantry, helping struggling families, worried veterans, and seniors put food on the table. Non-perishable items they recommend donating include: pasta & pasta sauce, rice, canned vegetables & soup, tuna fish, peanut butter & jelly, hot & cold cereal, macaroni & cheese and more.

HoustonHouston Area Food Bank

The Houston Area Food Bank is a member of Feeding America — the nation’s largest non-governmental, domestic hunger relief organization. Every dollar donated to their organization provides three meals for a local family in need.

Maryland – Howard County Food Bank

The Howard County Food Bank provides food to local families in need. The Food Bank is supported by donations from individuals, groups, community food drives, as well as partners with grocery stores and supermarkets. Some of their most needed items are: canned & dried fruit, tuna, hot & cold cereal, 100% fruit juice boxes, soup, baby food, and pasta.

Georgia City of Atlanta – The Atlanta Community Food Bank

The Atlanta Community Food Bank is another member of Feeding America. With over 60 charity organization partners, they are providing 60 million meals to over 755,000 people in 29 counties across Atlanta and parts of Georgia.

Long IslandLong Island Cares, Inc

Long Island Cares has been supporting the local community since the 1980’s, providing food and care to families in need. By supporting food drives all over the region, their food pantry can provide

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