Going Places with Guard For Life | Brianna Hoffman

Meet Brianna Hoffman

Brianna Hoffman is the Director of Human Resources at LIVunLtd, the premier concierge, fitness, wellness, and lifestyle management collective based in New York City. Follow @LIVunLtd on Instagram, their pics are gorgeous! Brianna has worked hard, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Management as well as her M.B.A from Bloomsburg University. Back in 2012 she was a Guard for Life lifeguard for American Pool. We chatted about the impact lifeguarding has had in achieving her career and personal goals.

Our Interview

GFL: What year(s) did you work for American Pool’s Guard For Life program?
Brianna: The summer of 2012

GFL: Where did you work?
Brianna: I worked as a Lifeguard for the North Jersey Country Club in Wayne, NJ

GFL: What made you decide to become a lifeguard?
Brianna: I was the Captain of my high school swim team and loved the idea of working in that environment.

GFL: What aspects of the lifeguarding job did you appreciate most?
Brianna: I loved having the responsibility of being a lifeguard. It was not your average high school summer job. We were there to ensure the safety of others and the club relied on us to open the pool and help run their operations.

GFL: What are some of your favorite memories as a lifeguard?
Brianna: You mean besides soaking up the sun and enjoying a free smoothie once in a while? I loved practicing my drills and swimming to stay in shape. I also really enjoyed connecting with the club members.

GFL: Which of your lifeguard skills do you believe helped you in your future achievements, challenges or current role?
Brianna: Being a lifeguard helps me communicate and relate to the lifeguards working for LIVunLtd. I am so happy I had that experience so I can relate to all of the talented LIVunLtd lifeguards that are essential to our operation’s success.

GFL: Is there any advice you would offer current/future lifeguards?
Brianna: Give your absolute best effort in every job you hold. You never know who you are going to meet and how those experiences and connections can help you later in life.

Brianna: Thank you American Pool, this has been so fun!

Brianna as a guard in 2012
Brianna back in her Lifeguarding days!

You’re Kind of a Big Deal!

You could be our next BIG STORY! We want to hear how being a Guard for Life Lifeguard has impacted your life and helped you achieve success! We’re proud of all our American Pool employees. Email us your story and you could be featured in a future Going Places with Guard for Life blog post!


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