Top Reasons to Spend Your Summer Lifeguarding

With fall in full swing, our minds are focused on pumpkins, falling leaves, apple cider, and the upcoming holidays. Summer seems so far away but it will be here before you know it. It’s never too early to start thinking about your summer job. Here’s why becoming a lifeguard is an awesome way to spend your summer!

Lifeguarding is a great summer job because it’s:

    1. A resume booster: Lifeguarding can boost your resume with crucial life skills. It demonstrates a strong work ethic, which looks great on resumes and college applications. Being CPR and AED certified is important for many jobs, including teaching, and healthcare. Listing lifeguarding on your resume will instantly make you stand out among the competition.
    2. A skill builder: The skills you learn while lifeguarding will last a lifetime. You’ll learn responsibility, attention to detail, peer communication, and much more! One of the most important skills you’ll master is how to be calm and prepared in emergencies. Staying calm, cool, and collected in stressful situations is an essential skill no matter what career path you choose.
    3. A healthy lifestyle: Lifeguarding requires healthy habits and a fit lifestyle.  Did you know that swimming quickly burns calories while placing less stress on your body than running?  Staying fit and exercising is easy when your days are spent swimming! It’s essential for lifeguards to practice healthy habits in their everyday lives. As a lifeguard staying hydrated, getting a good night’s rest, wearing sunscreen, and eating healthy is essential and creating these habits now will help your overall health as you age.
    4. A friendship builder: Making new friends is easy when you already have something in common. Lifeguards have common goals and interests, you are all there to save lives and ensure safety. The bonds you form and the friends you made while working as a team will stick with you well past the summer season.
    5. An elite team: Whether you’ll be working at a one- or multi-lifeguard pools, you can rest easy knowing you’re part of a great team. American Pool’s Guard for Life program employs over 7,000 lifeguards a year!
    6. Be prepared to save a life: The knowledge you will take away from lifeguard training prepares you with the skills to save a human life. This skill alone is HUGE as it will prepare you for emergency situations in your everyday life, on the job, and at home with family and friends.
    7. Inspire others: Remember when you were small and looked up to the lifeguard at your pool? Now it’s your turn to make your corner of the world better by setting a good example for the next generation of lifeguards!
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