Lifeguards Stand Out On College Applications

Applying to college? Your GPA, SAT scores, and overall class rank does matter, but colleges look at much more than a number or a score. Colleges like to see that you embody traits and characteristics that will lead you to success in your future career and everyday life. Leadership, time management, social purpose, and initiative are just a few of the things that colleges are looking for.

A summer job and extracurricular activities give admissions officers a better idea of who you are and demonstrate that you have skills that will lead to collegiate success. These experiences will show your potential and what you could bring forth in your future college community.

Colleges Love Lifeguards, Here’s Why:

By being a lifeguard, you’ve just upped the competition! The skills and life experience that you gain as a lifeguard will take you way beyond your days on the stand are sure to make you stand out. Here’s why colleges love lifeguards:

  • Time Management Skills: Going to school and working as a lifeguard show that you can effectively balance school, work, and play.
  • Leadership: You maintain control over your pool environment and keep your patrons safe. You are an authority figure whenever you wear your uniform, so wear it with pride!
  • Teamwork: You and your fellow guards are all working towards a common goal; keeping your pool and patrons safe.
  • Professionalism: You ensure that the pool is running smoothly and safely and enforce all pool rules equally, effectively, and professionally.
  • Responsibility: You are responsible for the upkeep of your pool and more importantly the lives and safety of your patrons. This a HUGE responsibility!

Your lifeguard leadership skills are sure to impress admissions personnel and give them confidence that you will be a great asset and positive influence on their campus. It is never too early to begin thinking about college and your future.

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