It’s Time to Refer a Friend!

You’ve already decided that you want to lifeguard with Guard for Life this summer, why not share the experience with a friend? Refer a friend! Having a lifeguard job can be a rewarding experience for anyone. Guard for Life wants to hire your friends so they can be a part of our lifeguard community with you!

Benefits of Referring a Friend

Your friend or relative benefits from your referral by getting an awesome summer job. However, you benefit too! Guard for life offers great referral bonuses! The exact amount varies by state. Find out what your state’s referral bonus is here. Who doesn’t like extra cash? Your friend or relative does not have to be a trained lifeguard for you to receive your referral bonus. We are happy to hire and train anyone! However, typically the referral bonuses are slightly higher if the friend you are referring is a certified lifeguard.

Money from referral bonuses are great, but memories and experiences with friends are better. Lifeguarding with Guard for Life offers the opportunity to create memories of an amazing summer with your friends. Lifeguarding is an amazing experience on its own, why not share it with a friend?

Why your Friend/Relative Should Apply

Convincing your friend to apply will be super easy! This is because there are so many perks that come with being a Guard for Life lifeguard.

Career & School Benefits

Firstly, it’s a great first job! Lifeguarding offers the opportunity to develop a work ethic. Everyone will be looking for summer jobs, but a lot of jobs being offered require some amount of experience to get hired. Guard for Life sees the value in anyone willing to learn, so no experience is needed! We offer American Red Cross lifeguard and CPR/AED certification training. So just send your friends ready to learn, and we’ll handle the rest!

At Guard for Life, we understand that school should be a top priority. This is why we always try to work around school schedules. When your friend gets hired, they’ll still be able to have a great work/school balance. Education comes first!

Location of your job is important. Guard for Life offers many opportunities across the United States. Therefore, finding a pool near you with a lifeguarding opportunity is easy!  

Are your friends considering college? Did they already start filling out applications? Lifeguarding looks great on college applications and resumes. Working as a guard during the summer can add some extra pizzazz to college applications and make you stand out amongst other applicants.

Summer to Win

At Guard for Life, we value our guards tremendously. We always reward our lifeguards for all of their hard work with our Summer to Win program. In our Summer to Win program, lifeguards have the chance to win cool prizes for obtaining titles such as Lifeguard of the Week, Lifeguard of the Month, and Lifeguard of the Year. Each office that participates in Summer to Win decides on their winners. There is also a National Lifeguard of the Year title chosen amongst our best guards across the country. This year’s prize for winning National Lifeguard of the Year is a brand new iPhone!

How Should your Friends Apply?

Applying with Guard for Life is easy! The friend that you’re referring should fill out our online application. In the “How did you hear about us?” portion of the application, they should select “Friend/Referral”. Make sure that your friend adds your name in the description so that you get credit for the referral!

Lifeguarding with Guard for life is a great opportunity with numerous benefits. Share the experience! Refer a friend today!

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