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Reveal your inner artist! May is National Water Safety month, and lifeguards are refreshed on all things water safety! Share your expertise through a pool-inspired water safety poster. Submit your poster design to be entered into our 2019 Water Safety poster contest. The winner will receive a $25 gift card to Target, and their poster will be featured on all Guard for Life social media!

Water Safety Facts

Need inspiration? Try incorporating some of these tips into your design.

Ways to promote water safety

  • Steer clear of breath holding games
    • This goes for hyperventilation (fast shallow breathing) while swimming too. It doesn’t take much to blackout and go under!
  • Stay away from pool drains
    • Limbs, hair, or clothing can become entangled if a drain is faulty. If you suspect they may not be functioning properly, ask your pool service provider to inspect them.
  • Practice makes perfect
    • Have a younger sibling or family member? Enrolling them into swimming lessons at an early age ensures they are educated on water safety and how to stay safer in and around the pool. The risk of drowning is decreased by as much as 88% when children aged 1-4 years take swimming lessons.
  • Swim with a buddy
    • It’s a best practice for swimmers of all ages, including adults!
  • Follow the rules
    • If you’re headed to the beach or a public pool, be sure to obey posted signs, flags, and your trusty lifeguarding staff (that’s you)!

The World Health Organization has great info on the risks associated when best water safety practices are not followed. If you still need more inspiration, check out the American Red Cross for more information on water safety.

Submission Guidelines and Requirements

  • Posters can be created digitally or hand drawn
    • Digital posters should be 18×24 and high resolution (300 dpi)
  • Posters must feature the words:
    • “National Water Safety Month”
    • “2019”
    • “American Pool”
  • Accepted file types:  .pdf, .ai, .eps, or a snapshot of your hand-drawn poster

Other than these guidelines, you are free to let your creative spirit shine through your design! Submit your poster to our marketing team via email by Sunday, May 12 to be entered into the contest. Submit designs to [email protected], or click the button below! The winner will be announced on our Instagram page on National Water Safety Day, May 15. Good luck!


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