Get Ready for the Fourth of July!

The Fourth of July is next week! This means pools will be full of swimmers, and festivities will begin! Are you ready? Everyone loves to enjoy the pool on the Fourth of July, so get ready to be extra diligent while you’re on duty. Make sure that you’re a superstar lifeguard during your shift, but don’t forget to enjoy the festivities of this holiday once you’re off duty!

While You’re On Duty…

Independence Day brings a lot of additional traffic to pools. As a lifeguard, it’s your job to keep everyone safe, so try not to get overwhelmed by the crowd. Focus on your job, and everything will be just fine!


Because many people like to celebrate the holiday with a swim, pools tend to become more crowded than normal. Guards should always focus while on duty, but the importance of staying alert is heightened. When more swimmers are in the pool, there are more people that you need to be aware of. Therefore, don’t let your thoughts wander, leave your phone behind, and don’t get sucked into conversations with pool-goers.

Make sure you get a good night’s rest before your shift, and eat a good breakfast. This way, you’ll be alert and focused for the day.

Scan the Pool

SCAN! SCAN! SCAN! Don’t let any area go unscanned! Because your pool may be a little extra crowded, it’s especially important to continuously scan the area. Drowners or swimmers who may be in danger will be harder to spot in a pool with more people. Scanning your pool continuously ensures that you’ll be able to spot a swimmer in danger no matter where they are in the pool.

Once You’re Off Duty…

After you get through a successful Fourth of July lifeguarding shift, it’s time to enjoy the holiday! There are many different ways to celebrate the holiday. If you still need ideas of ways to celebrate, we’ve got you covered! Check out these ideas to get you in the holiday spirit once you’re off duty!

Let the Sparks Fly!

Fireworks are a fourth favorite! BUT remember to only enjoy safe fireworks. Research some local professional firework shows in your area. It’s always good to plan ahead and decide where you’ll watch fireworks so that you’ll be there on time. Firework shows are super short, so don’t miss any of the action!

You can also get some sparklers and light them up yourself! Sparklers are a fun alternative to fireworks. They’re fun, easy, and relatively safe if instructions are properly followed.

Play Backyard Games

The Fourth of July wouldn’t be the same without friendly competition! Playing games with family and friends is one of the best aspects of the holiday. When you think of Independence Day competitions, backyard games are probably what come to mind. Think about what your favorite throwback backyard activities are, and let the games begin!

When coming up with ideas for backyard activities, think back to the games you loved to play outside as a child. Frisbee, musical chairs, hopscotch, and cornhole are just a few great possibilities! You could also put together a Fourth of July themed scavenger hunt. Make each item to be found in the scavenger hunt red, white, or blue. Friendly competition gets everyone in the holiday spirit!

Take time to remember the true meaning and purpose of this holiday. We’re celebrating America’s independence! Whether you’re on duty guarding diligently, or relaxing at a fireworks show while you’re off duty, be safe and enjoy the holiday!

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