5 Reasons You’re an Awesome Lifeguard

black and white photo of a happy group of lifegaurds

You know more than anyone that there is A LOT that goes into lifeguarding. But you’re doing a great job! We don’t want your efforts to go unpraised. Stay confident and keep up the good work. Here are five reasons why you’re an awesome lifeguard!

1. You Show Up!

We know that getting out of bed to go to work on a beautiful summer day isn’t always easy, but you do it anyway, so thanks for showing up! Getting ready and arriving to work on time is the first step to being an awesome lifeguard. Great job.

2. You’re Focused!

There are so many potential distractions…everyday…everywhere. Phones, friends, even our own wandering thoughts can prevent us from paying attention while on duty. You don’t let these distractions keep you from focusing on your job and keeping your patrons safe. You keep your eyes on the pool guests at all times, and keep your phone in your locker when on duty.

3. You Keep Your Pool Sparkling!

You want to be the best you can be at your job. That’s why during down time, you take the initiative to skim the pool and make sure the pool itself and surrounding area is nice and clean for all to enjoy.

4. You Speak Up!

As a lifeguard, it’s your job to enforce the pool rules. This is why you always step in and speak up when you see rules being broken. You know that enforcing pool rules helps keep swimmers safe, so you’re never afraid to speak up. Swimmers may not always be aware of pool rules, and hey don’t always know they’re breaking a rule until you tell them. Continue using your voice to educate them.

5. You Always Remember to Lockup! 

When it’s closing time, you always complete your closing tasks. You especially make sure that you lock the pool gate behind you after every shift. You know that if people are able to access a guard-less pool after hours, danger could be around the corner. This risk is heightened for kids, so you never take any chances.

Lifeguards have a very important job, and your efforts to keep swimmers safe do not go unnoticed. We love to see our guards working hard to be the best they can be! You’re an awesome lifeguard. Thank you for all that you do. Keep up the great work!

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