Lifeguard Spotlight: Jacob Johnson

photo of Jacob Johnson in his Guard for Life uniform

Jacob Johnson is a guard from our Houston office who truly does it all! This is Jacob’s first season with Guard for Life, and along with being a lifeguard and full-time student, he also runs his own salsa business, Jake’s Atomic Salsa.

How Jake’s Atomic Salsa Got Its Start

Jacob started his salsa business when he was 12 years old. His passion for salsa started off as a fun treat he’d bring to school for his friends and teachers. However, his salsa was such a hit that he decided to make a business out of it. That’s how Jake’s Atomic Salsa was born! Jake is saving the money he makes from his salsa business to put towards college tuition. He’d like to attend Texas A&M, where he plans on studying business or geology.

A Great Addition to the Guard For Life Community

Guard for Life is so proud to have a young entrepreneur like Jacob as part of our lifeguarding community this summer. Jacob wanted to become a lifeguard because his family lost a loved one to drowning. Promoting pool safety is particularly important to Jacob because he has two younger brothers. He wants to keep kids like them safe at the pool. You’d think that school, lifeguarding, and running a business would become overwhelming, but Jacob keeps a positive attitude. 

“I just try to do the best I can and manage my time wisely,” he says. “I try to focus on what I’m doing at the time so that I do it well and I’m not trying to do too many things at once. My FaFa used to say “anyone can be a jack of all trades and a master of none” and I always remembered that.”

Jacob is a busy guy, but he still finds time for lots of hobbies and interests. Besides salsa making, Jacob is also the treasurer of his local FFA (Future Farmers of America) chapter, where he raises hogs for show and market, judges livestock and milk quality, and participates in prepared speaking. In his free time he enjoys hunting and fishing and spending time with family and friends.

Where Can You Find Jake’s Atomic Salsa

Jacob hopes to expand his salsa business nationwide someday, but starting this August you can find Jake’s Atomic Salsa at all 3 Aggieland Outfitters locations in College Station, TX. Not from the area and still want to fire up your taste buds? Head to the Aggieland Outfitters website because it’s also available online. Jacob wants to have his salsa in as many stores as possible in the next 5 years, and the whole Guard for Life team is rooting for his success! You can follow Jacob’s story on Facebook and on Instagram. Way to go, Jacob! We can’t wait for Jake’s Atomic Salsa to hit the shelves next month! 

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