College Benefits of Lifeguarding

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College applications can offer a boatload of stress. Figuring out what makes you a good candidate can be difficult. Good grades and SAT scores are important factors, but colleges consider so much more when choosing their incoming students. That’s why you have to stand out beyond a good SAT score and GPA. Extracurricular activities outside of school show colleges that you’re well rounded. A summer job, like lifeguarding, is a great way to show colleges maturity and independence. Having a job lets colleges know that you like to spend your time productively. There are many positive traits embodied and displayed when you have a summer job. Here are just a few of the traits colleges love that come from lifeguarding. 

Time management

Working as a lifeguard shows colleges that you’re able to properly manage your time by balancing work, school, and fun. Time management is an especially important ability when you’re in college. Admissions professionals are well aware of the importance of time management for college students, and a lifeguarding job demonstrates a proven ability of this skill.


Even though sometimes you may be one of the younger people at the pool you’re guarding, you are still the authority figure there. You demonstrate leadership by keeping control over your pool and maintaining the safety of swimmers.


Lifeguarding shows that you’re able to work together with a team towards a common goal: keeping people safe!


Running a pool takes professionalism and maturity. Lifeguards have to uphold a professional demeanor to enforce pool rules that ensure the pool runs smoothly, safely, and efficiently. 


Lifeguards are responsible for pool upkeep and the safety of swimmers. Keeping people safe is a huge responsibility, and colleges are impressed by such a high level of leadership at such a young age. 

Having lifeguarding experience can help you stand out on college applications tremendously. A lifeguard job demonstrates a strong work ethic and proves that you have some of the key traits that colleges are looking for. It’s important to start thinking about ways to build your college applications sooner rather than later. It’s never too early! The best news is American Pool is always looking for bright, young leaders to join our lifeguarding team. So if you’re looking for a way to standout on college applications, join us. We’re hiring near you. Find local opportunities here.

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