Consider Being an Indoor Lifeguard This Winter and Fall

Just because warm weather is coming to an end doesn’t mean your lifeguarding career has to end too. If you have free time during the school semester and want to make a little extra money, consider indoor lifeguarding!

Benefits of Indoor Lifeguarding

Indoor and outdoor lifeguarding has virtually the same benefits. Lifeguards are always in demand so if you already have your certifications, make the most of them. You’ll be able to enjoy a flexible work schedule, great work experience for your resume, and the privilege to keep people safe and be a hero in someone’s time of need! 

What’s Different About Indoor Lifeguarding?

Yes, indoor lifeguarding is still patrolling a pool to keep swimmers safe. However, there are some additional aspects of guarding an indoor pool. For example, a slippery deck is even more of a hazard. This is because outdoor pools have assistance from the sun to keep the deck dry. When guarding an indoor pool, you’ll have to work harder to keep the pool deck dry. You’ll also have to be vigilant of patrons who may run in the pool area. Prevent slips from happening before a tragedy occurs by addressing on deck hazards and reminding patrons of the rules.

Your indoor pool may also have a different demographic of swimmers. Instead of kids splashing around in the water, there may be more adults practicing their swimming skills or taking fitness classes. You may be the lifeguard for a swim team or even a scuba training program. However, no matter who is in the pool, it’s always your job to keep them safe!

Where Should I Look for Indoor Lifeguarding Jobs?

You can typically find indoor lifeguarding opportunities at community centers, athletic clubs, high schools, and universities. If you’re currently studying in school, working at the indoor pool on campus would be highly convenient. You can also look for local Guard For Life opportunities here.

So what are you waiting for? If you have time to work during the school year, snag an indoor lifeguarding job! You’re already an awesome lifeguard, so take your skills indoors this fall and winter. Search for indoor lifeguarding opportunities by state here.

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