Ready to Lifeguard? Get your parents on board!

We all know that sometimes it can be a bit difficult to convince our parents to set us free to have a brand new experience. Your parents just want you to have a safe, happy life. If the idea of lifeguarding is brand new to you and your parents, you may be wondering how to approach them with the idea and get them on board. Here are a few things your parents should consider if they’re not quite ready to show full support for your career in lifeguarding. 

American Pool Cares About Your Education!

At American Pool, we understand that school is a top priority. In fact, most of our lifeguard team is made up of students, just like you. If you get hired with us, you’ll have a great work/school balance. Education comes first! Parents know this, and so do we!

Lifeguarding Helps You Learn the Value of Money 

Lifeguarding is a great way to start earning money and learn about personal banking and budgeting. The satisfaction of saving for the things you want or need is something your parents want you to experience because it’s a big part of adult life. Making buying and saving decisions with your own money is a very different experience than bugging your parents every time you want to go do something. 

Lifeguarding Helps You Stand Out Amongst the Competition 

Are you considering college? Did you already start filling out applications? Lifeguarding looks great on college applications and resumes. Working as a guard can add some extra pizzazz to college applications and make you stand out amongst others. We’re not putting down jobs in retail or food service by any means, but becoming a Lifeguard is something a bit more special. Achieving the certification and accepting responsibility to look out for others demonstrates your ability to take on the challenge of training and a commitment to community safety.

Lifeguarding Boosts Your Resume

It’s a great first job! Your parents want you to succeed in your career, and lifeguarding is a great resume builder! For people just starting their professional journey, sometimes it may be difficult to find jobs with little to no experience. We get it! Our company sees the value in anyone willing to learn, so no experience is needed! We offer American Red Cross lifeguard and CPR/AED certification training throughout the year. As long as you go through training successfully, prior experience is not usually necessary to get a lifeguarding job. 

When employers see that you have experience lifeguarding, they know that you’re calm in stressful situations, a quick thinker, a good communicator, and a problem solver. Overall, lifeguarding is a great first job, a great resume builder, and it helps you develop a strong work ethic. Knowing that lifeguarding helps you get on track to a great career will definitely make your parents want to consider allowing you to venture into the world of guarding.

With American Pool you also have opportunities for advancement. Our best guards can move on to Head Guard, Pool Manager and Supervisory Positions. Many of our Fulltime Staff got their start with us as Lifeguards.

Lifeguarding Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

Parents are always nagging about being healthy, eating veggies, and exercising. Being a lifeguard helps you pursue a healthier lifestyle. Lifeguarding will greatly increase your physical activity, even if you already exercise. Did you know that 2 ½ hours a week of water-based exercise, like swimming, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses? Lifeguarding is a great way to improve your overall health and promote a life of wellness.

Lifeguarding Can Lead To Lifelong Friends

Do you have trouble making friends? If you do, you’re parents have probably approached you about this in a very awkward, yet very concerned manner. Making new friends comes with any lifeguarding training program and job. Fellow lifeguards have similar interests as you, so making meaningful connections happens naturally. You’ll build new friendships that will last a lifetime. Do you know someone that wants to take the training with you? Get them involved too! 

How Should You Apply?

Applying to American Pool’s Guard for Life program is easy! American Pool offers many opportunities across the United States. Therefore, finding a pool near you with a lifeguarding opportunity is a breeze!

Once you’ve explained the benefits of a lifeguarding experience to your parents, it’s easy to fill out our online application together. Lifeguarding with American Pool is a great opportunity with numerous benefits, and your parents want you to succeed in life. So talk to your parents and apply today!

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