There’s a Position for Everyone!

If being outside in the warm sun is your idea of a perfect summer, then working poolside is the job for you! American Pool has you covered with several poolside job opportunities to choose from with lifeguarding being the most popular. Lifeguarding might be popular, but it isn’t the only job available. Other poolside positions include head lifeguard, front desk attendant, pool attendant, pool manager, and gate guard. Keep reading to find out what position would be perfect for you!


Lifeguards are responsible for maintaining a safe swimming environment by enforcing all pool rules and regulations. They also inspect the facility on a daily basis and report any unsafe conditions or equipment to their office. Other duties may also include chemical maintenance and record-keeping. In order to become a Lifeguard, you must obtain Lifeguard, First Aid, AED, and CPR certifications.

Head Lifeguard

Head Lifeguards have the same responsibilities as regular Lifeguards, except they are also responsible for overseeing 3-5 other lifeguards, conducting staff evaluations, and creating schedules. The Head Lifeguard reports directly to the Supervisor or Regional Manager of the pool as well as the Staffing Department. In order to become a Head Lifeguard, you must be up to date on all certifications and have a minimum of two years of Lifeguard experience.

Front Desk Attendant

Front Desk Attendants are responsible for greeting patrons, handling entry fees, entering data into point of sales software (POS), tracking a number of entrants into the pool area, and assisting others to keep facilities clean. Those with outgoing personalities are encouraged to become Front Desk Attendants. Also, being a Front Desk Attendant doesn’t require any expensive and extensive training or certifications which is just an added bonus!

Pool Attendant

Upkeep of the pool and surrounding areas are the Pool Attendant’s primary responsibilities. Often, a Pool Attendant will work at a pool that does not require a certified Lifeguard to be on duty. It is also the Pool Attendant’s job to check passes, clean the clubhouse, hose down decks, check and maintain chemicals, greet and sign in guests, vacuum the pool, and remove trash. Depending on location, the Pool Attendant may be required to be CPR certified.

Pool Manager

The Pool Manager’s primary responsibility is to maintain a safe swimming environment by enforcing all rules and regulations of the pool and surrounding area. Pool Managers are also responsible for patron safety and facility upkeep, maintaining pool chemistry, overseeing 5-15 guards, staff evaluations, and creating schedules. In order to be a Pool Manager, you must have a minimum of two years of Lifeguarding or other relevant experience as well as have current Lifeguarding, CPR/AED, and First Aid certifications.

Gate Guard

The primary responsibility of the Gate Guard is to check all pool passes and have every patron sign in for the day. A Gate Guard is not a Lifeguard, therefore no pool patrons may be in the pool area unless a Lifeguard is present. Gate Guards also help enforce all rules and regulations of the pool and surrounding areas and help keep the pool facility clean and stocked with supplies necessary for operation. No costly certifications are required for this position.

There are many diverse positions to choose from when working poolside during the summer with American Pool. To apply for a position or learn more, stop by an upcoming open house or apply online today!

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