Getting Hired Has Never Been Easier!

Take advantage of the extra time spent at home to apply for a position with American Pool and even start your training online! We have modified our hiring and training process to be accessible from the comfort of your own home so there’s no reason to wait!

As a company that has built its culture around safety, the safety of our staff and pool users is our top priority, which is why we have modified how we are approaching the 2020 pool season. We understand how important it is to remain safe during these difficult times and you can rest assured that we won’t be opening pool gates until we have permission from health authorities and made any necessary accommodations for our staff and pool users. 

Why Should I Apply Now?

After being stuck indoors for so many weeks, what could be better than preparing for a job outside by the pool? Be proactive NOW so that you will be ready to work as soon as possible when the time comes. Waiting to start your hiring process means you’ll be stuck doing paperwork and getting trained while others are already getting to work outside and earning great money! Why wait? Get hired and trained now!

Becoming a lifeguard teaches responsibility, looks amazing on resumes and college applications, offers great pay, flexible schedules, and creates long-lasting friendships! An added bonus is our Summer to Win program where our guards have the chance to win prizes like branded towels, Popsockets, Yeti water bottles, and even a new MacBook laptop… all for just being amazing at your job!

How Do I Get Started?

Applying and getting hired has never been easier! We have completely redesigned our hiring and training process to make it as safe as possible. Check out these six simple steps to becoming a Guard for Life lifeguard this summer:

1. Attend an Info Session to Learn More

We are offering LIVE, virtual, 10-minute info sessions for anyone that is interested in lifeguarding but wants to learn more before applying. These info sessions replace what would have happened during our school visits and open houses each spring. During the info session, you have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with American Pool staff to learn more about lifeguarding and working with us this summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that you have. After you complete the info session, you are encouraged to apply online! Interested? Sign up for an upcoming session!

2. Apply Online

Feeling ready to dive into a summer of lifeguarding? Apply online. The online application process only takes a few minutes! Once you have applied, you’re one step closer to taking the lifeguard stand and the hiring process has officially begun. 

3. Schedule a Virtual Interview

After submitting your application online, a staffer from your local office will be in touch to schedule your interview. Scheduling and attending an interview has never been easier! There is no need to catch a ride or navigate your family’s busy schedule. Our interviews have been modified into phone interviews and video chats through Zoom. What could be more convenient than getting an interview experience or landing a job from the comfort and safety of your own home? Take advantage of this opportunity now while positions are still available! 

4. Submit Your Paperwork

After completing your interview, the next step is to fill out your employee paperwork. Your local recruiter will email you your paperwork which can be filled out and completed on your computer. Once you have completed your paperwork, you can email or fax it back to your local office. Paperwork varies by office, so be sure to contact your local office with any questions. 

5. Get Lifeguard Certified

We have worked with the American Red Cross to bring you online lifeguard training! Given the temporary training facility closings, we have modified our process to offer online blended learning review sessions. You can begin the online portion of training now and then complete the in-person training once it is safe to do so. Visit your local office page to get a head start on the training process and sign up for an online course!

6. Attend Orientation

Before you can start your first shift, you will need to attend an orientation, which is now being offered online as a virtual video session. During orientation, you will learn about working with American Pool, what it means to be a member of the Guard for Life team, and what is expected of you and your job responsibilities. Orientation varies by office so be sure to contact your recruiter for more information. 

The Guard for Life motto has always been to, “Build a lifeguard culture that encourages safety, develops workplace confidence and empowers a young workforce.” We continue to closely monitor all recommendations from the CDC along with local and state health departments to guide our next steps together.

Take advantage of the extra free time at home and start the hiring process today! When the time comes to open pools and begin work, will you be ready? Sign up for an info session or apply online today!

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