5 Misconceptions about lifeguarding (in GIFs)

10 All-Too-Real GIFs Describing Lifeguard Stereotypes

1. Swimming skills are all you need to lifeguard


Even the next Katie Ledecky would have a rough first day if she forgot how to perform CPR

2. Lifeguarding is our only responsibility


Responsibility?? For many of us, lifeguarding isn’t even our only job. We’re not just responsible for guarding the pool. Among other tasks, when off the stand, we’re also responsible for

Side note: Babysitting services NOT included.

3. We’re on our phones all the time


When we’re on the clock, the only tweets we’re interested in come from our whistle.

OTHER side note: I can’t tell you how many lifeguards I know who instinctively shout “NO RUNNING!” when children zoom by, even when they’re off the clock.

4. We’re just a bunch of teens


Lifeguarding is an excellent seasonal job opportunity for lots of people. Many teachers are lifeguards while school’s out for summer, and it’s an excellent side gig for people of all ages who meet the qualifications

5. We’re always super-serious


Actually, lifeguarding is incredibly fun! Who wouldn’t want to work poolside in the summer sun with their friends all day? Just don’t expect us to hold a conversation with you while we’re on the stand.

Now that we got THAT out of the way, hopefully you’re a little more interested than you were when you first started reading this blog. If you’re interested in lifeguarding this season, find out what your next steps are on our How to Become a Lifeguard page. Hope to see you soon!

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