Set Your Teen up for Summer Success!

Is your teen interested in a lifeguarding job with American Pool this summer? In the course of our business, and now more than ever, we expect and invite parent questions, which is why we have created our Parent Resource to Guard for Life.

Maintaining a Safe Workplace

As a company that has built its culture around safety, the safety of your child, our staff, and clients is our top priority This is why we’ve made a number of changes to modify our approach to the 2020 season. We understand the importance of keeping families healthy during these challenging times. We won’t be opening pool gates or asking your young person to report to a shift until we have clearance from the local health authorities and have made any necessary accommodations for our staff and pool users. 

In many ways, our company’s springtime preparations are not so different than in previous years. The biggest distinction for 2020 is that we don’t know when the opening date for pools will be. This means we have to do as much preparation as we can so that when we do have the opportunity to open up the swimming pools for clients, we are all ready to do our jobs. Again, we won’t be asking your young person or members of our staff to complete in-person lifeguard training or report to their shifts until we have the all-clear from the health authorities.

Why Apply Today

Now is the perfect time to take advantage of the extra time spent at home to learn more about Guard for Life, start the hiring process, and set your teen up to be in the best position possible when the time comes to start work this summer. What could be better than a job where your teen can get outside by the pool after being stuck inside for weeks? Not only will they get some much needed fresh air, but they will learn important skills that will last a lifetime along the way! Even if the summer work season is shortened, a lifeguard certification from the American Red Cross is valid for 2 years. 

Lifeguarding is the perfect job opportunity for your teen! Becoming a lifeguard teaches responsibility, looks amazing on resumes and college applications, offers great pay, flexible schedules, and helps create long-lasting friendships. An added bonus is that we can set your teen up to work at a pool close to your home!

Still Have Questions? Sign Up for an Info Session!

Are you interested in learning more about lifeguarding and other job opportunities with American Pool before your teen applies? Join us for a LIVE, virtual, 10-minute info session to learn more. We have created our info sessions, specifically for parents, as we know you must have a lot of questions during this time. During the info session, you will have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with an American Pool employee and ask any questions that you may have. Sign up for a parent info session today!

Ready for your teen to learn more and start the hiring process? Have them sign up for one of our upcoming info sessions specifically designed for those interested in a lifeguard or job opportunity with us. 

The Hiring Process

Applying and getting hired has never been easier! We have completely redesigned our hiring and training process to make it as safe as possible for you and your teen. Check out our latest blog post on the six simple steps to getting hired with American Pool.

The Guard for Life motto has always been to, “Build a lifeguard culture that encourages safety, develops workplace confidence and empowers a young workforce.” We continue to closely monitor all recommendations from the CDC along with local and state health departments to guide our next steps together. We understand how important your childs’ safety is and we want what is best for them too. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our local office with any questions or concerns that you may have. We hope to have you and your child on-board for the upcoming season!

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