The Perfect Time to Reapply is Now!

Get Rehired Now!

If you had fun lifeguarding in 2020, then there’s really nowhere to go but up from here. Season after season, including this one, we heard so many first-time and returning lifeguards say they couldn’t wait to come back again. So, why even wait?

The fall is the perfect time to start your rehiring process if you’re interested in guarding again next summer. Even if you’re still on the fence, it’s best to be prepared for next season now and make your decision later when you have more information. 

Why Get Rehired Now?

Most lifeguards hold their certification for two years. If this was your first year lifeguarding, that’s at least one good reason to come back for next season. Take full advantage of your certification, and have the confidence that beyond the horizon of next summer, there will still be an employment opportunity in sight with American Pool.

The early bird gets the worm, but worms are gross and lifeguards get better perks than that. For one, it’s much easier for you to be placed at the pool(s) you want to work at if you let us know early on that you’ll be coming back for next season. 

Have you had your eye on a specific position this past season? Well, now is the time to grab it up before everyone else starts their applications for next year. Returning lifeguards usually get first pick on their preferred lifeguard position, and that preference comes much earlier if you start the application process before next year. So whether you wanted to work the front desk or serve your pool as the guard in charge, don’t wait to claim your spot!

Lastly, even if you’re still on the fence about next season, it never hurts to take the steps now to secure your position six months down the road. At the very least we want to have that conversation with you! Again, if you already have another year left on your certification, why not go ahead and use it? American Pool is very flexible when it comes to giving our guards time for careers or other summer jobs. Even if you have a summer internship (or don’t), the need for lifeguards remains constant — you can still count on us to work with you to keep you busy (and paid) next season!

What Do I Need to Do Next?

Even though everyday life is more complicated, getting rehired has never been easier! We’re offering more certification courses than ever this Fall, which means your recertification will last two whole seasons before you’ll need to re-up. Can’t wait? Here are your next steps:

  1. Reapply on our website. It only takes a few minutes!
  2. We’ll call you to reach out and review your application. If all goes well (and why wouldn’t it?) we’ll send your hiring packet out again for you to review. You may notice a few changes from last season, but it’s mostly the same easy-peasy forms to fill out again.
  3. In-person meetings may be less common right now, but we always like to get some face time before we dive into another rehiring. We’ll schedule a virtual interview with you, typically through Zoom, to make sure you’re the right fit and ready for another year.
  4. Need recertification in lifeguarding or CPR? Do that. Don’t need certification? Great, we’ll see you soon!

Again, let us know your schedule and job duty preferences as soon as possible so you can snag the shifts and roles that you want before anyone else. If you’ve enjoyed your lifeguarding experience so far, then racking up another year in the chair can turn your summer employment opportunity into an even more fun and valuable experience. And who wouldn’t want to miss out on that?

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