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Inside Lifeguard Training: Chemical Preparedness and Safety

By Matt Sutherland | Posted May 28, 2020 in Lifeguard Job,Parent Blog,Uncategorized

For what many consider a summer job, lifeguards have a lot more responsibility than expected. Sure, there’s the always-expected attribute of physical fitness, and they have to be ready to rescue at a moment’s notice. But let’s take those qualities away from the equation and … they still have an important, demanding responsibility. That’s because […]

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Join Us For An Open House and Spend Your Summer Poolside

By Megan Price | Posted January 20, 2020 in Lifeguard Job,Summer Jobs

Why Lifeguard? Lifeguarding is a great resume booster for college and job applications. Guard for Life offers flexible work schedules, competitive wages, and a great work environment. We also offer DISCOUNTED LIFEGUARD TRAINING. Work close to home and refer friends for extra cash! Interested? Come to an open house near you! Find a location near […]

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