The Night Before Memorial Day Weekend

The Night Before Memorial Day Weekend: A Lifeguarding Story

‘Twas the night before Memorial Day Weekend and miles away from the pool;
Not a whistle was tweeting, nobody was breaking rules.
The guards’ daybags were packed with great care,
With water, snacks, and sunglasses for glare.
The new guards were nervous and filled with some dread,
While veterans yelled, “NO RUNNING!” at small children in their heads.
With your training complete and a certificate paper,
Let’s get you all ready for a sweet summer’s labor!

Because when it starts there will be such clatter,
You’ll need your whistle ready for even small matters.
“Get off the lane lines!” “No breath-holding games!”
“Wait your turn to dive!” Do you even have to explain?
Parents should watch, but mom’s on her phone.
Lucky for her, you’re scanning your zone.
But hard work pays off all through thick and thin,
With Lifeguard of the Month and Summer to Win.

With a spring in your step and rescue tube in tow,
You’ve got yourself a whistle, now use it and blow!
It’s scary at first to be enforcing the rules,
But always remember that you rule the pool!
You swim with such ease they think you’re an otter;
You keep cool on the stand when it can’t get any hotter.
But what should you find on your break from a guest?!
Two hot and fresh pizzas. Yas. Hashtag #Blessed.

The months fly by for you and your crew,
And sometimes you wonder, “What would Katie Ledecky do?”
But Labor Day will be here as quick as a flash,
So make the most of your summer (especially all that cash).
New friends and experiences await you with cheer,
And you’ll probably want to do this again next year.
It’s not always easy, but it sure does feel right,
It’s the best summer gig working with Guard for Life!

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