Opening Weekend Is Here!

Get Rescue Ready, Stay Vigilant, and Expect the Unexpected. Welcome to the beginning of summer 2021! We know you are excited to start the season and might be a little bit nervous too and that’s okay. Your training has prepared you for this! Just remember to use what you have learned from lifeguard class, brush up on your skills, and…

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The Perfect Time to Reapply is Now!

If you had fun lifeguarding in 2020, then there’s really nowhere to go but up from here. Season after season, including this one, we heard so many first-time and returning lifeguards say they couldn’t wait to come back again. So, why even wait? The fall is the perfect time to start your rehiring process if you’re interested in guarding again…

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Always Be Rescue Ready

Let’s finish this season strong by remaining rescue ready! Thank you for joining our team in what has been one of our most memorable pool seasons. Around this time of year, it’s tempting to think of the fall months and get distracted by school and other obligations while on duty. Just because the swim season is coming to a close,…

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